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Self confidence~power that leads you to success


Self Confidence and you

Of course, we are moving forward in the twenty-first century. But we still have a lot to learn. 

If you ask, can a person’s ability be assessed? Perhaps this is a difficult question.

Because the human structure is very unique. It may take us many other ages to understand the assessment of human capabilities.

What is Self-confidence?

 When you think of yourself as a master in front of a challenge, you feel that this challenge can be easily overcome. Which means there is no lack of confidence inside you. 

Self-confidence is not only for physical challenges but it helps you in every field. It is also necessary for your social life. 

Often some people are afraid of going to big events, mainly because of their weak confidence. We believe that confidence makes you complete as a human being.

As our topic which is related to confidence, to understand this topic seriously, we divide it into five parts

1.  Inferiority complex

Inferior feeling, This is the greatest demerit inside every human being. Don’t know why people start thinking of themselves as inferior. They feel that society considers them inferior when it is their own viewpoint. 

If we respect ourselves, then of course society will also respect us. People with inferiority complex always find faults inside themselves. It is psychosis or it can be defined with weak confidence. 

2. Lack of adequate preparation

We always prepare well to win big competitions, because constant practice instills confidence in us.  That’s why prepare yourself fully to succeed in any competition. 

Can a person perform well on a big stage in a single day?  Perhaps this is not possible, but the person may have prepared himself better for this.  Nothing is ready in a momentary moment, for this we need constant practice. 

 There is a lot of potential inside a human being, just need to awaken yourself.

3. Pessimistic Thinking

Pessimistic thinking is the biggest reason for a person’s lack of confidence. When you start being pessimistic, you start getting weak. You are already surrounded by the fear of failing to see the challenges. If you are optimistic, then you will definitely prove to be confident. 

Pessimistic people discover deficiencies in every task while optimistic people plan to overcome those deficiencies. Think, if we were all pessimistic, could science have developed so much today? Could humans ever go to the moon? 

This world which is moving forward is the result of optimistic thinking of crores of people. While pessimism can be easily overcome. Trust yourself, awaken yourself and take inspiration from those who have succeeded despite a million challenges.

4. Not be aware of own abilities

We are often not aware of our capabilities, while we have unlimited capabilities. We will not feel the rigor until we are aware of our abilities. We need to learn to use ourselves.

 Each day we have to take ourselves one more step up. When a person becomes acquainted with his abilities, a self-confidence arises in him. He tends to discard negativity. 

He finds the challenges easy. This can only be possible by attempting to awaken yourself.

5. Lack of inspired thoughts

Our thoughts are our form. The thought that is in our brain, we try to do the same thing in our life. If a person is constantly exposed to inspired thoughts, then surely that person can move forward in his life. 

The nature of this world has been changed many times with different views. Sometimes it has also been seen that behind the idea, the whole society, the whole country has stood up. 

Therefore, the betterment of ideas is a means of self confidence. We should use those ideas in our lives. Which make us mentally strong.


Confidence is not the thing to achieve in a day. It takes time to produce it inside yourself. Confidence does not come from money or clothes, rather it should be reflected in your personality. We believe that if you want to live your life with dignity, always walk confidently. No other person will give it to you, you have to get it yourself. We can only explain it. Which is our duty. As a writer, we have to take the attitude of people towards positivity. Of course it is never easy. But effort can always be made. We will always be associated with you in this unique journey of self confidence.

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